Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week Twenty: Your Reads

I've been feeling a bit in a rut, so I decided to do some random prompts, instead of staying on what might be more obvious topics. Today's prompt is "Your Reads."

*When you were growing up, what magazines, newsletters, or newspapers were in your home on a regular basis, either purchased from a newstand, or subscribed to by mail? Were any of them children's publications?

*What are your memories about those publications? Were they interesting, entertaining or boring? Was there a magazine you didn't get that you wished you did? Why?

*As an adult, what publications did you subscribe to or purchase regularly in the past? Why did you choose them? Why did you stop purchasing them?

*What magazines, newsletters, or newspapers do you currently read, and why? What other ones would you read if you could?

*What publications do others in your household read? What have the others read or subscribed to in the past?

*Have you ever had your writings (or art) published in a magazine or newsletter? If so, write about that/those experience(s).

*Have you ever wondered what your ancestors read? Do you ever wonder what (and how) your descendants will read? Blogging has changed the world!