Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week Thirty-Seven: The Dentist

I'm back from my hiatus and appreciate everyone's patience through the last few weeks. A recent visit to my dentist prompted my idea for the following questions:

*Who was/were your childhood dentist(s)? Was he/she your family dentist?

*Did you like or dread going to the dentist? Why?

*Did you ever have cavities as a kid, or were you one of those cavity-free kids?

*Did you ever need oral surgery or braces?

*Did you ever knock a tooth out (accidentally or on purpose)?

*What was the tooth fairy tradition in your childhood home? If she visited your house, how much did she pay per tooth? Did she find the tooth under your pillow or in a glass of water?

*What was the worst dental exam or procedure you had done?

*What is your favorite memory of the dentist?

*How have your adult experiences at the dentist compared with those of your childhood?

*Do you still have the same dentist? Why or why not?

*If you have children, what is/was the tooth fairy tradition for them?

*Have you had to have dentures or bridgework?

*Describe your oral health history and relate your opinion as to the causes behind your good or poor oral health.

*Are there any dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, dental technicians or assistants in your family tree?

*Are there any stories in your family history about going to the dentist and the kinds of treatments experienced in the old days?

Next week: Open wide and say "Ahhh!" We're going to visit the doctor.