Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Week Thirteen: The Significant Other in Your Life

Yes, I'm late again (hangs head). This was a busy weekend with lots of errands and necessary shopping, plus I hosted Scanfest. I apologize for my tardiness, as we head into the next topic, the Significant Other in Your Life. This could be your Husband/Wife or the love of your life.

*How did you meet him/her?

*Were you attracted to him/her right away, or much later?

*Write about your first date. Who asked who out? What did you do? Where did you go? Was it terrific or a disaster?!

*Tell about some of your other memorable dates.

*When did you know that he/she was "the one"?

*Tell about how you got engaged, if applicable. Was it a surprise proposal, or expected?

*Write about any bridal showers or bachelor(ette) parties you might have had.

*Did you receive any pre-marital counseling, or go on a retreat?

*If you never married the love of your life, what were/are your reasons?

*How long have you been together?

We'll finish this topic next week with "Your Wedding." I promise I will get back on track and have the next prompt ready Sunday morning!

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Tim Agazio said...

Miriam, I've been reading your posts on this blog and this is such a great idea! I spend a lot of time hunting dead members of my family...wishing I could find more info on how they lived, what they did, and how they ffelt about things. In only a few cases am I able to learn about those things. A hundred years from now someone will say the same things about me because I'm focused on the past. They will find all this info I've dug up, but won't know much about how I lived. I need to put some effort into this part of the hobby.