Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week Fifteen: Your Anniversaries

This is Part Three in a three-part marriage-based set of journal prompts. Everyone who has been married at least a year has an anniversary story to share. Even unmarried people in relationships celebrate anniversaries--and why not?! Obviously, some anniversaries are more memorable than others. Hopefully, your anniversaries have been joyful, but occasionally, the memories of one may be sad or even painful. Life has its ups and downs, and anniversaries are often reflective of that. If you've been married more than once, you may wish to do separate journal exercises for anniversaries for each of your marriages. Here are some questions and statements to ponder as you journal this week:

* Your first anniverary is often one of the more memorable. When, where and how did you celebrate yours? Did you share a piece of cake frozen from your wedding the previous year?

* Have you exchanged traditional anniversary gifts over the years? For example, a gift made of paper was the traditional first-year anniversary gift, while the modern one is clocks. A table of both traditional and modern gifts can be viewed here.

* Some people celebrate a delayed honeymoon on an anniversary; have you?

* Have you ever gone somewhere special for an anniversary, like a cruise, a trip to a special destination, or a return to your honeymoon location?

* Have you ever been separated from your spouse on an anniversary due to work, military service, illness, etc.? How did the two of you deal with that?

* Have you or your spouse ever forgotten an anniversary? What was the outcome?

* Do you have any funny anniversary memories to share?

* Which anniversary was the hardest? Why?

* What was the most memorable or favorite anniversary, and why?

* Are your children or extended family members included in anniversary celebrations, or are they private?

* If your 25th, 50th, or another significant anniversary is in the near future, do you have special hopes or plans for it? Or if you've recently celebrated one, write about it.

* Share any special anniversary celebrations your parents or parents-in-law have celebrated. Perhaps you remember your grandparents' special anniversaries. What was your role in those?

Photos and mementos of your anniversary celebrations would make nice accompaniments to your journal. Next week, we will be writing about Your Children. Have fun with your memories this week!

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