Monday, September 10, 2007

Week Twenty-Three: Remembering 9/11

As I write this, it is already September 11th on the East Coast of the United States; the sixth anniversary of 9/11. This was an event that affected every American, whether we knew someone who was killed that day, or not. Our world shattered, and we felt vulnerable. We have all experienced tragedy on a national level at more than one point in our lives: JFK's assassination, for example, or the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Most of us have never recorded the events as we remembered them on those days, nor the feelings that accompanied them. There aren't many of the generation left that remembers Pearl Harbor, and even less who can recall the day World War I ended. The memories of those Big Events in our nation's history are being lost to time.

For your journal prompt to help you remember September 11, 2001, I invite you to go here to read and listen to the lyrics of Alan Jackson's "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?"

*How did you hear about the attacks of 9/11?

*What did you do that day? Did you go to work or school, or stay home?

*What were your feelings?

*How has what happened that day changed your life in some way?

*What are your hopes for the future, in connection with this tragedy?

I have posted my journal response here.

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