Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week Thirty-Four: Holy Days of Spring

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 marks the celebration of Easter for most Christians (Eastern--commonly known as Orthodox--Christians will be celebrating April 27th), and sunset on Saturday, April 19th will be the date Jews will commemorate Passover. These are undoubtedly two of the most well-known spring holy days, although other cultures and religions have their own as well.

*How did your family traditionally celebrate its holy day? Did you attend worship services? Which kind (Good Friday service, Sunrise service, etc.) did you traditionally attend? Did you family approach this holy day with a lot of reverence, or was it secularized?

*What foods did your family eat during the meals celebrating your holy day? What special preparations were involved? As a child, did you help prepare any of the meals or dishes?

*Did you receive or give any gifts or treats as part of the celebration?

*Did you wear special or new clothes?

*What kinds of decorations were created or put out for this holy day?

*What year stands out in your mind when you think back through your life of all the Easter/Passover/other spring holy day celebrations you participated in? Why? What was special/unique/different about that particular one?

*Did you participate in any community events surrounding this holy day (egg hunts, etc.)?

*Do you have any favorite hymns, religious or secular songs, or other music?

*How do you celebrate this holy day now in comparison to when you were a child?

Don't forget to share favorite photographs of you and/or your family celebrating this holy day!

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