Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week Thirty-Five: Spring

Spring has finally sprung, despite the fact that Old Man Winter '07-'08 keeps trying to keep his hold on the Northern Hemisphere. For many, Spring is a favorite season, full of flowers, birds, butterflies, and bees. Some have favorite sports that begin in Spring. Others (like myself) are ambivalent toward Spring, because although the days are getting lighter, longer, and warmer, they are marked by mud, pollen allergies, and schizophrenic weather.

*How do you feel about Spring? Is it a favorite season of yours, or a least-favorite? Why?

*What are your favorite Spring activities? Do they include gardening and yardwork? House repairs or touch-ups?

*Do you have favorite Spring flowers or blossoming trees?

*What are your favorite Spring sports, either as a participant or as an observer? While basketball is wrapping up in March Madness, baseball, track and field, tennis, and golf are starting up in schools across the nation.

*Here in Spokane, Spring is welcomed with such community events as Bloomsday Run (one of the largest in the nation) and the Lilac Festival. Does your community have Spring events, and what is the extent of your participation?

*Do you have a regular Spring cleaning time? When is it and what does it include?

*What are your favorite Spring holidays? Easter or Passover, Mother's Day, Earth Day, Memorial Day are a few.

*What are some of your favorite foods that are in season during Spring?

*Ah-choo! What do you like least about Spring?

*Do you have favorite memories of Spring Break from your school or college years?

*What family birthdays, anniversaries, or events are commemorated in the Spring? Are there any significant family history events that occurred during Spring?

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